canfield notes

Hi, you've found my portfolio / dumping ground; where send people who want to know what I'm about. Have a look around! Or not — you do you.


Coming soon: Grand Theft Mario, a playable social commentary with mushrooms, a mustachioed dude in overalls, and a big bad turtle.


written/drawn Dec 28, 2022


Hark, an angel!

written/drawn Dec 24, 2022

Remember the reason for the season...

zepher capitol crescent

written Dec 13 - 19, 2022

My committment to locomotion


written and drawn ~Dec 10, 2022

One of Molar Mobile's misadventures

work-death balance

written ~Dec 3, 2022

Meditations on interaction of capitalism & culture
…The trick (to improving at anything) is to find the right balance between Research, Reflection and Repetition.
…if philosophers are the pigeons loitering on the statues of scientific discoveries, then artists are the parrots?